A really,really useful way to solve a maths problem is to draw a picture and look for a pattern.


2. A carpenter wants to divide a log into five equal pieces. How many cuts does he need to make?


3. Mrs Truman wanted to plant trees along his driveway. He planted the first tree 10 metres from his gate. Then he planted a tree every ten metres after that until he reached 60 metres. How many trees did he plant?

4. Brooke lives ten blocks away from the playground. On her way to the playground she meets her classmate, Fergus, after three blocks. They meet their friend Oliver after another 4 blocks. They all reach the playground together.

(a) How many blocks does Brooke have to walk to get to the playground?

(b) How many blocks away from her home is Brooke before she and Fergus meet up with Oliver?

5. Angus has 3 green chips, 4 blue chips and 1 red chip in his bag. What fractional part of the bag of chips is green?

6. Harrison and Emily put up a rope to mark the starting line for the sack race. The rope was 10 metres long. They put a post at each end of the rope and at every 2 metres. How many posts did they use?

7. Cassie gets on a lift at the first floor. She goes up to the ninth floor then comes down 3 floors. She then goes up 1 floor and down 4 floors. What floor is Cassie on?

8. Brodie always sits in the same pew at the church. The pew is second from the front and eighth from the back. There is a centre aisle. Each pew seats 6 persons. How many people can sit in Brodie’s church?

9. Monty fenced a square piece of land. There are 9 posts on each side. How many upright posts did he use altogether?


10. If Jessie had three different skirts and four different sweaters, how many different outfits could she wear?

11. Tegan, Hunter, Julian and Arthur are standing in line to buy tickets for a movie. In how many ways can they stand in line to buy their tickets?

12. Five kissin’ cousins meet at the family reunion. Each cousin kisses each of the other cousins just once. How many kisses were given in all?

13. A present for the teacher word problem.

14. Divide the clock face into three parts with two lines so that the numbers in each of the three parts add to the same amount.