1. Jack walked from Appleby to Nelson city. It took 25 minutes to walk from Appleby to Richmond. Then it took one hour and 25 minutes to walk from Richmond to Nelson. He arrived in Nelson at 2:45 P.M. At what time did he leave Appleby?

2. Keeley had some savings in the bank. Then her mother gave her $250 for a birthday present. After spending $215 on an iPod and $48 on a new pair of shoes, she still had $285 dollars. How much savings did she have in the bank before her birthday?

3. There were some passengers on a bus as it left Nelson. At Murchison 15 people got off and 20 people got on. At Hanmer nine people got off and no-one got on. There were 45 people on board the bus as it left Hanmer to go to Christchurch. How many people were on the bus when it left Nelson?

4. Sean was trying to decide when to get up in the morning. He needs 45 minutes to get ready for school. It takes him 25 minutes to drive to school. He wanted to get to school 20 minutes early to use the computer. If school starts at 8:30am, what time should he get up?

5. After finishing her shopping, Keeley wants to have $25 left. She plans to buy sandals for $45 and a purse for $20. How much money does she need?


6. Grace ordered two suits for $175 each and a pair of shoes. The total cost was $395. What was the cost of the shoes?

7. The final cost of Keegan's bicycle was $194. This included GST tax of $12.50. What was the original price of the bicycle without the tax?

8. At the Appleby Fair Mrs. Smith sold 6 dozen cookies before lunch. After lunch, Mrs. Smith sold another 7 dozen cookies. When it was time to leave, they had 2 dozen cookies left. How many cookies did she have at the start of the Appleby Fair?

9. On Monday, Zoe deposited $15. She deposited twice as much on Tuesday and Friday. How much money did Zoe deposit?

10. Caitlin found an old plank on the beach. She cut off 12 centimetres where the plank was broken. Then she cut the remaining plank into 3 equal pieces. Each piece is now 20 centimetres long. How long was the plank she found on the beach?


11. Georgia has some jelly beans. Joan had 3 times as many as Georgia but ate 4 and now she has 5. How many jelly beans does Georgia have?

12. Conor had five hamburgers leftover after the BBQ. His friends ate ten hamburgers. His mum took three hamburgers home to eat the next day. How many hamburgers did Conor make all together?

13. Mother asked Isaac to buy 6 eggs and 2 bottles of milk. She asked him to travel by bus which cost $3. She gave him $10. The cost of an egg is 25c and a bottle of milk coasts $3.50. Does he enough money?

14. Sam bought two pairs of jeans and two T-shirts. The cost of a pair of jean was $25. She paid for the purchase and got back $5 as change. What was the cost of the T-shirt if she had $75 in her purse?