1. Allanah is taking photos of Georgia, Rhiannon, Holly and Sophie.
How many ways can she arrange the four children so they are in different order in each photo. Work out how many photos she is going to need to take before she takes them.
Get together with four friends and try it yourself in your group. Do not repeat your photos. Plan what you are going to take first. Once you think everyone in your group knows what the answer is and how to work it out- take your photos and see if you are right.

2. You are at a circus and the ringmaster says that you have to pick a game from behind a door. There are three doors with five games behind each door. How many games were there at the circus?

3. Frank has 2 pairs of pants: a black pair and a green pair. He has 4 shirts: a white shirt, a red shirt, a grey shirt, and a striped shirt. How many different outfits can he put together?

4. Suppose Frank bought a third pair of pants that were tan. How many different outfits can he put together now?


5. There will be 7 teams playing in the Rabbit Island Little Soccer tournament. Each team is scheduled to play every other team once. How many games are scheduled for the tournament?

6. Charlie numbered his miniature race car collection according to the following rules:
  • It had to be a 3-digit number (1-9).
  • The digit in the hundreds place is less than 3.
  • The digit in the tens place is greater than 7.
  • The digit in the ones place is odd.
  • If Charlie used every possibility and each car had a different number, how many cars did Charlie have in his collection?

7. Charlie added some cars to his collection but changed only one rule. The digit in the hundreds place has to be less than 4. If Charlie used every possible number and each car was numbered differently, how many new cars did he add to his collection?

8. Mika counted the marbles he had collected. He counted more than 40 but less than 70. When he put the marbles in groups of 5, he had 1 left over. When he put them in groups of 4, he had 1 left over. When he put them in groups of 3, he had 1 left over. How many marbles did Mika collect?

9. The number 475 is a three-digit number that uses only the three digits 4, 5, 7. How many three-digit numbers can be formed using these three digits, if repeated digits are allowed?