1. Prince William divided up his fifteen board games into two piles. One for himself and one for his brother, Prince Harry. William owns three more games than his brother. How many games does Harry own?

2. Zavier bought 2 board games from Sami. Together the games cost $48. One game cost $12 more than the other. How much did each game cost?

3. Claire and Jay walked for 52 minutes altogether. Claire walked 8 minutes longer than Jay. How long did Jay walk?

4. Spencer wrote five different numbers on five different cards. When he added the numbers together he got fifteen. What were the numbers he wrote on the cards?

5. Amber went out to her grandfather's farm. Her grandfather had chickens and pigs on his farm. She counted up all of their heads and legs. There were 26 heads and 68 feet among them. How many chickens and how many pigs did he have?

6. Using a chessboard and 8 pawns the teacher explains how the pawns must be placed on the board so that there is only one pawn occupying each vertical, horizontal and diagonal. ie there cannot be any other piece on the same line as another. Sounds easy, but it is a little harder than you think.


A buddy should also demonstrate the fundmentals of 'guess and check' ie put the pawns on the board and check to see if there are any clashes.